Submit a public comment against the rollback of #cleanercars standards! These standards save people money at the pump and reduce vehicle pollution.

From the Union of Concerned Scientists:

At the request of automaker lobbyists and their trade groups, the Trump administration proposed completely scrapping the rules on clean car standards after 2020. And they are also ending states’ authority to use stronger standards to address local air pollution.

These clean car standards are currently reducing oil consumption, leading to significant benefits for public health, cutting global warming pollution, creating jobs, and saving consumers billions at the pump! And now, they may completely disappear unless we do something.

Join scientists and experts in telling the Trump administration that you won’t stand for this rollback of our nation’s strongest climate policy and that you’ve had enough of them putting industry interests over the people of the United States.

Learn more about the clean car standards rollback, the ridiculous assertions to justify it, and how it is an attack on science and the public interest.

TAKE ACTION: Add your voice in opposition to the proposed rollback of clean car standards. The Union of Concerned Scientists has a letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration that you can sign onto easily, and they are also offering additional resources to support you in crafting your own letter.

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