In September 2018, the San Francisco Bay area will be a massive meeting and mobilization space for climate activists of all sorts, beginning with the Peoples Climate Movement  Rise For Jobs, Climate, & Justice national mobilization on September 8th.

This will be immediately followed by the Soil Not Oil Coalition 2018 Conference on Sept. 9-11th, and the Global Climate Action Summit on Sept. 12-14th.

Throughout this entire week, the Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Right to the City have joined forces to hold the #ItTakesRoots Solidarity to Solutions (Sol2Sol) Summit and Week of Action, as a counterpoint to the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) and its focus on market-based solutions to the climate crisis.

Learn more about the It Takes Roots Alliance and the reasons-for and focus-of the Solidarity to Solutions week in this recent webinar recording:

The Indigenous leaders in the It Takes Roots Alliance and featured in this webinar feel that the Global Climate Action Summit agenda does not include their voices or visions for just climate solutions, and so they are organizing a separate event in coalition with grassroots movements and the most-impacted communities in the Bay Area to showcase and demand greater solidarity to solutions.

It is important that Unitarian Universalists, who just collectively expressed a commitment to solidarity NOW with Indigenous water protectors at the 2018 UUA General Assembly, consider this seriously in discerning where and how we will show up in San Francisco in September.