#NoKXL Promise to Protect

Banner with an Indigenous design that says Idle No More / No Keystone XLUU Ministry for Earth and the Unitarian Universalist Association both endorse the Promise to Protect call to action, and UUMFE encourages Unitarian Universalists to prepare for a potentially massive escalation to prevent TransCanada’s Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline.

Here are some ways to engage:

1. Read the #NoKXL Promise to Protect Call to Action and add your name if you feel called.

2. Share the Call to Action with others in your congregation and community. Ask for a conversation about how you might prepare together to mobilize to the KXL route or take action in solidarity from where you live.

3. Individually, or in community, learn more about the opposition to the KXL pipeline and the environmental justice and climate impacts of Canadian tar sands (aka oil sands). Here are some resources to consider:

4. Individually, or in community, learn more about the historic events that took place at Standing Rock with the #NoDAPL Water Protectors movement, and reflect on (1) how these events have impacted lives, communities, and movements, and (2) what we might learn from these experiences and carry with us as we face yet another major pipeline as part of a broad coalition. Here are some resources to consider (content warning: graphic footage of private security and police violence):

5. Individually, or as a community, learn more about Indigenous Peoples histories and struggles, as it relates to environmental justice and to the place(s) where you live and feel connected to. Here are some resources to consider:

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