Get educated on the links between severe weather and climate change, and the intersections of race, class, and natural disasters! 

The increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters impacting the USA and world right now—from the extreme wildfires in the US West, to the floods in South Asia that have killed over 1,000 and displaced 41 million people, to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma—is a resounding clarion call for action to stabilize the climate and deepen our solidarity with marginalized, impacted communities.

While all of these disasters call our attention and call us to act, this roundup of news reports and editorials is particularly focused on how Hurricanes Harvey and Irma link to climate change and environmental justice.

Links Between Climate Change & Mega-Hurricanes

“Sea-surface temperatures near Texas were between 2.7° and 7.2°F above average, making them some of the warmest ocean temperatures on Earth. This caused Harvey to ramp up from a tropical depression to a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane in merely two days’ time.”

Links Between Environmental Justice & Mega-Hurricanes

Racism, Classism, & Environmental Racism

Prisoners Trapped in the Storms

Toxic Industrial Pollution

“Since Aug. 23, 31 facilities in 10 counties have reported an estimated 4.5 million pounds of excess emissions to the commission, an analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund and Environment Texas shows” 

For those who are compelled to act, the UUA and UUSC are jointly managing Harvey and Irma Relief Funds, and the UU College of Social Justice is working with local partners to place volunteers for relief aid—links to these things can be found here.