The Unitarian Universalist Association and Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth have joined more than 300 other organizations in signing on to the Lofoten Declaration, which calls on wealthy countries and corporate actors to put an end to fossil fuel development, manage the decline of existing production, and create a just transition.

The Lofoten Declaration was written in August 2017 at a gathering in the Lofoten Islands of Norway of academics, analysts, and activists, all of whom recognize that globally we have a window of opportunity – and a strategic need – to limit the expansion of the oil and gas industry, in order to achieve the Paris climate goals.

Why is it called the Lofoten Declaration? The oil industry is lobbying hard for the seas around Lofoten to be opened to oil drilling – which would be devastating to the climate and to Lofoten’s natural beauty – but activists have successfully managed to block these plans for years. This strategy must be expanded around the world to oppose the oil and gas industry.