Cultural Resistance & Transformation: Messages from UU Minister Sara Green and the Journey of an Earthworm

During the Saturday morning worship at the 2017 UUA General Assembly, Sara Green, M.Div. responded to the question “Who Taught You to Resist?”, using an earthworm as a metaphor for nourishing transformation, and an earthworm puppet to help illustrate her metaphor:

Photo by Amelia Diehl
The following month, Sara took a trip to New York City to help convene a special event with the Diaspora Earthcare Coalition, focused on the question:

What would it take to mount a concerted move toward re-localization of food production and sovereignty among marginalized people of African descent as climate disruptions become the norm?

The earthworm accompanied Sara to the event, where it was used to help create creative space and dialogue among participants around this question.

Sara and two other Diaspora Earthcare Coalition participants laugh and pose with the earthworm on a street in New York City
Towards the end of the event, Sara gifted the earthworm puppet and its canvas backdrops to another Diaspora Earthcare Coalition participant, to live on in its new home: The Green Community Garden Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Learn more in Sara’s reflection blog post: Listening and Liberation: Lessons from Organizing with the Diaspora Earthcare Coalition

Sara Green, M.Div.
Sara Green, M.Div.
Sara Green, M.Div, is a UU minister from New Orleans who understands her call to be a praxis of radical hospitality and embodiment in service of freedom and justice. In addition to creating liturgies, she works with improvisational movement, plant medicine, and food to foster abundance within our communities. Sara currently serves as Intern Minister at the First UU Church of Nashville, TN, and as convener of the Diaspora Earthcare Coalition Land Circle.