by Aly Tharp and Amelia Diehl

The General Assembly (GA) of the Unitarian Universalist Association begins in 2 weeks. Part of the full program is a nine-workshop climate justice program: The Seas Are Rising and So Are We.

In many of these workshops, as well as during other special programs of the GA, visual and theater arts will be used to evoke a reverence for the earth and commitment to creating a world of environmental justice. This effort is being led by UU young adults and invites participation from everyone.

YOU CAN HELP: We need volunteers to mobilize locally to create tree banners that will come together at GA to form an “Environmental Justice Forest”. We also need volunteers during GA to help with arts performances and logistics.

We are asking congregations to create tree banners,  which will be used during the General Assembly Opening Ceremony, UU Climate Justice Collaboratory Workshop, Decolonization is Climate Justice workshop, and for street theater during public witness.

Through this initiative, we aim to:

  • Form a forest that represents our connection to the land and our common home, and evokes a reverence for the earth and commitment to a world of environmental justice
  • Building relationships in the process of creating and using the trees.
  • Build community appreciation for local species and biomes, and awareness of anticipated local climate change impacts.
  • Build congregational capacity for rapid response arts activism

Get more information about the background of the initiative, as well as steps for how to plan, execute and spread the word about your art build in the full toolkit here.

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