By Cat Boyle
Cat Boyle is one of nine UU representatives, and one of two UUYACJ members, going to Marrakech, Morocco as an observer of the UN climate change summit COP22. World leaders are convening Nov 7-18 to discuss the implementation of the Paris agreement, which aims to keep global climate change below an average of 1.5 degrees Celcius. Cat has written several updates and reflections, available here, here, here and here. More info  about UUs at COP22 can be found here.

Courtesy of Cat Boyle
Indigenous peoples’ issues continue to be ignored and sidelined by officials at COP22. Speaking at his press conference today, U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change John Pershing mentioned that he had not specifically met with Native Americans groups, but instead met with Native American individuals at other civil society meetings. Meanwhile an indigenous international-led protest of the pipeline at Standing Rock at COP22 drew a large crowd. The U.S. may be ignoring indigenous issues but the world isn’t. With the situation in Standing Rock still ongoing and the reality of climate change’s extreme impact on indigenous people clear, Native Americans continue to be maligned. Climate justice is justice for Native Americans. We must as a faith continue to witness and bring attention to the Native Americans’ causes.