UUYACJ member, minister and others arrested protesting Bureau of Ocean Energy Management


On Oct. 26, UUYACJ member and 350 Louisiana activist Alicia Cooke was arrested with 5 others outside the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in New Orleans, LA for protesting oil drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico. The BOEM has been auctioning parcels of the Gulf of Mexico and other public land for private companies to drill for fossil fuels. The group calls on President Obama to cancel all future leases to fight for a livable future. Charged with the federal offense for obstructing an entrance to a federal building, each member of the group which includes UU minister Jim Vanderweele, was told to pay a fine of $530 or face charges in federal court.

Read Alicia’s reflection on our blog here. More background information here. Donate to the legal fund here.

Amelia Diehl
Amelia Diehl
Amelia Diehl is the Network Coordinator for the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Network, and a Communications Specialist for UU Ministry for Earth. She's been with UUMFE since 2015 and is based in Chicago and the Great Lakes region. Her other movement homes include Rising Tide Chicago, SustainUS and freelance writing.