By Cat Boyle
Cat Boyle is one of nine UU representatives, and one of two UUYACJ members, going to Marrakech, Morocco as an observer of the UN climate change summit COP22. World leaders are convening Nov 7-18 to discuss the implementation of the Paris agreement, which aims to keep global climate change below an average of 1.5 degrees Celcius. Read Cat’s reflection here. More info can be found here.

Courtesy of Cat Boyle.
Marrakesh is in the middle of an arid landscape. The ground here is dusty and dry. Here, it may be hard to believe but there are many things growing. COP22 is the crossroads of states, actors, players and stakeholders from all around the world. It is as if the Silk Road reawakened and unfurled as governments, NGOs, economic, and faith-based organizations come together, their ideas and initiatives spilling out into a more hopeful future for this planet.

In the middle of the sweeping conference arena, green cacti sprout up, resisting all urges to die. Yet reflecting on the US election, hope is hard to find. the nation elected a leader who does not believe in climate change. Many people here at COP22 struggle with what that means for our country and the world. You people at home may be just as concerned. This election has brought tears, fears and agony over the question: what kind of world will we leave for our descendants?

Consider the cactus.

Folks, I urge you to be like the cactus: keeping growing in the climate. No matter what our leaders may believe, we must continue to push forward. Sorrow and despair have watered our soil and now we push forward and break from the dry earth. Appalling behavior from our leaders must not lead to apathy and ambivalence on our part. Hildegard von Bingen, medieval anchoress, considered God as veriditas, a flowing river of green energy that is sustained by the acts of creation within in. Siblings, strive on. Keep creating. Keep going. Keep bringing the green. Our future depends on it.