They’ve got oil tankers out in the Gulf
waiting… just waiting
for a better market price.

This system, y’all,
it’s not so nice.

In fact it’s wrong.
So wrong.

We can sing a better song.
Build a world not based on greed
But love, community, culture, creed —
That is our deed.

The seas are rising and so are we,
because, damn it, we gotta be —
— real,

that climate change is a war
by the rich upon the poor

and we don’t need to drill no more —

Because when you look at the score,
too many people have died and are dying
for trying,
to have self determination from our fossil-fueled
creations and destruction…

Three earth defenders per week
are murdered so that they don’t speak.

Drill, baby, drill has made our planet
ill, baby, ill — She’s got a fever, and she is crying
literally trillions of gallons a day,
saying “Find a better way.”

…and I ain’t lyin when I say
that the USA,
has coffers of oil that could last us six months
at current rates of war and over-consumption,

dreaming a dream that our function
is to die richer than our neighbors
— It’s not.

From this day, from this spot,
We say stop.
We – say – stop.
We say stop.