Faithful Response: Antiracism from Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy & Beyond, co-sponsored with UU Trauma Response Ministries and the Central East Regional group.  Participants will learn how the structures of racism and interlocking oppressions inequitably affect recovery efforts and the UU way to respond .

Singing for Our Lives with Sandy O and Pat Humphries of emma’s revolution, Tim DeChristopher of Bidder 70 fame, and Curtis Murphy, UUMFE’s Young Adult EJ Intern for 2013-14. Participants will sing, hear stories, and learn how to get their own UU communities singing for justice.

Table Talks for small groups will be scheduled several times a day throughout GA. Pick up the schedule and register at UUMFE’s booth, #203. Topics will include: Earth-based liturgy/theology; basics of EJ and how to get started; creating an environmental film library; becoming a Green Faith Fellow; divestment/reinvestment strategies; and many more.

Several other workshops focus on the environment and/or ecological justice. Here are a few:

  • Lappé, Miller, Jacobsen, and Joy: Just Good Food – Environmental pioneer Frances Moore Lappé (Diet for a Small Planet), stand-up comic Marisa Miller Wolfson (Vegucated), restaurant labor organizer Ariel Jacobsen (of Behind the Kitchen Door), and psychologist Melanie Joy (Why We Love Dogs & Eat Pigs) will discuss climate action, class justice, and the joy of just eating.
  • Love Reaches Out To Address Our Climate Crisis – This workshop will review the science, discuss the grief associated with climate change, address how communities are and will be affected its effects, and suggest actions participants can take in their congregations and larger communities.
  • Emergency: Lead, Inspire, Grow – In this new age of climate disruption, participants will learn the basics for emergency preparation and response work and how to make their congregations safer.