Since June of 2013, the campaign to divest endowments at colleges, universities, and religious institutions from fossil fuel holdings has continued to gather momentum and inspire debate. Within the UU denomination, a committed group of pro-divestment activists, now know as Unitarian Universalists for Fossil Fuel Divestment and Sustainable Reinvestment, has worked hard to develop a proposed Business Resolution calling for Fossil Fuel Divestment of the UU Common Endowment Fund. The Business Resolution (PDF, see pages 15-16) was submitted to the UUA with signatures from 100 congregations – far more than the number required – and has been formally admitted to the Agenda of the 2014 General Assembly. Registered delegates from congregations will have the opportunity to vote then; be sure to check the official Agenda when it is released in May to learn when this is scheduled to take place.

The UU Ministry for Earth Board and members of UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, our young adult network, have both endorsed the Business Resolution and urge your careful consideration. Please see our letters (UU Ministry for Earth and UU Young Adults for Climate Justice) to hear our thoughts.

Additional and updated resources on Fossil Fuel Divestment can be found on our website as part of our Earth Day 2014 materials on Socially Responsible Investing. Resources there include background information, online resources to learn more, and suggested actions in the areas of socially responsible investing, understanding shareholder advocacy, fossil fuel divestment, clean energy investment and related topics. You will find materials to use to inspire personal reflection and productive, meaningful conversations within your congregation and groups on the topic of fossil fuel divestment in the last section of the SRI resources, Socially Responsible Investing, Climate Change and Environmental Justice.